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Neurodevelopmental Evaluation

What is a neurodevelopmental evaluation?

  • Assessment of all areas of sensory input and motor output using the ICAN Developmental Profile
  • Academic Testing – Math (WRAT); Reading Recognition (WRAT); Reading Comprehension (PIAT)
  • Based on evaluation and parent input, the neurodevelopmentalist designs an Individualized Neurodevelopmental Plan (INP).
  • INP targets areas of inefficiency.
  • INP training for parent may include: in person, a CD sent to the parents within 2 weeks of the evaluation or video conferencing ongoing support via e-mail and telephone.
  • INP can be the homeschool program for the client or an after school program for those who attend school. Families who work consistently on the INP often see one grade level improvement between evaluations every four months.
  • Fulfills state requirements for homeschool assessment in Washington State.

What are the fees?

  • Initial Evaluation for first family member is $550.00
  • Reevaluations for first family member is $500.00
  • Initial Evaluation for additional family member is $495.00
  • Reevaluations for additional family members is $420.00
  • We encourage families to commit to themselves for at least one year.  Often more time is needed.
  • We offer a payment plan for those who commit to one year (1 Initial and 3 Re-evals).
  • Parents purchase materials and supplies needed to implement INP – amount varies, but we try to keep the costs down.
  • We accept all major credit cards. Processing fees may apply.

How do I get started?

                  Center for Neuro Development
                  P.O. Box 99369
                  Lakewood, Washington 98496

Please click here to complete Client History and Program Application on the computer!

Upon completion of the form, save and e-mail as an attachment.

Upon receipt of Client History and Program Application and the Deposit we can make an appointment. 

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