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We’d known for a while that there were some learning difficulties with my 15 year old daughter .We tried many different things, there were tears and prayers. Then we heard about the neurodevelopmental  program through Maggie Dail. We went to a seminar, heard  testimonies and were convinced that this might be the help we need. My daughter was evaluated and a neurodevelopmental program was put into place. The program did not appeal to my daughter at first, but she grew accustomed to it as we saw progress. When we finished the program, we started where we had left off in her usual curriculum with great results. We are so proud of her and more importantly so is SHE! We have even seen progress in her self-esteem thanks to the program.   C.G.

Program isn’t easy, no therapy is, we are asking our child to learn something new that their body is not able to do. It would be like me competing on the balance beam when I can’t even do a cartwheel. This would take hours if not years of agonizing practice and I would have to work hard on my attitude while doing an activity that I have no interest in or able to understand the benefit of doing.  We are doing program with two of our sons and both are doing well. Many thanks to ICAN ND’s  and other parents on program for your courage and encouragement.  Blessings, -Joyce and family

Maggie Dail is one of the best educators I know!     She's been a teacher of my son for a few years now and I appreciate her willingness and dedication to teach my son.    Her patience amazes me!    Thank you Sooo Much Maggie!!!!  Shirley DeFord

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Center For Neuro Development
Do you (or a family member) have a diagnosis or suspect:

Do you (or a family member) have a diagnosis or suspect:

ADD - ADHD - Aspergers - Autism - Autism Spectrum Disorder,

 Auditory Processing Disorder - Dyslexia - Learning Disabilities

- Obsessive Compulsory Disorder - Sensory Integration Disorder -

Reading and Math Difficulties or another diagnosis?

(Please note that the neurodevelopmental approach addresses low functioning autism, cerebral palsy, down's syndrome, other chromosomal disorders and many other conditions. If you are facing one of these conditions we will be glad to refer to one of our colleagues with the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists.)

Beginning in July 2014 we offer our services exclusively online.

Over the last year or so, Ronnie and I have been working toward downsizing our work / home and expenses. At the same time we increased our online work. We relocated to Bartlesville, Oklahoma in July of 2014. Our main reasons for moving were to be closer to family and in a location that has a lower cost of living. We chose Bartlesville because we found a church that is a good fit for us. Grace Baptist Church - www.gracebaptistchurchbville.com

We continue to offer assessments, brain training and other services online. For those who prefer in person assessments or standardized tests, please contact: Debbie dgriffith@academynorthwest.net or Jeanne janderson@academynorthwest.net. Questions about our online services, including non-test assessments contact: maggie@centerforneurodevelopment.com

Brain Training Session

The Neurodevelopmental Approach provides

natural, educational, and drug free solutions

to learning and behavioral challenges.

While we work with and will refer to qualified medical providers, as appropriate, 

we are educators and our solutions are provided in that context.

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E-Book Unlocking Learning Potential E-Book

E-Book Unlocking Learning Potential E-Book

E-Book -- Unlocking Learning Potential:  From Gifted to Challenged -- E-Book

This compilation of articles written by International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalist certified learning specialists provide the reader with an introduction to this approach.  Compiled by Maggie Dail, M.A. CND and Formated by Ronnie Dail of Center for Neuro Development.


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